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AdVenture @ scans_daily 3.0 - Venture Brothers week

I wanted to post this on the first day, but I just found out the office is moving out of state, so I have been busy. That said, I am throwing my heart into scans_daily and sharing the love. Venture Brothers love! Gay prison Venture Brothers love! Desperate, ruthless, confined men of unnatural talents forced to cling to one another to survive! Oh the horror... but I digress.

This clip is one of the reasons why this show is so much GOLD and PURE CRACK! in animation form. *sigh*

If only I had been helped by such a program, I would not have become such a corrupted youth that reads scans_daily for pleasure.

For legality:

I can never read anything that has Gorilla Man in the picture without hearing the voice of King Gorilla.
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In that latest episode, by the by, wasn't Councilman 8, aka Dragoon, one of the best villains ever? Awesome uniform, badass fighting skills, mad wit ("A Talking Pimple That Can Make You - NOOGIE Yourself! NOOGIE PATROL!"), and best of all a voice and appearance based on Baron Silas Greenback. What's not to love? I really hope he gets a new body or something in future. He really (aheh) grew on me, along with Councilman 3 ('Red Mantle').

Sgt Hatred is also becoming really endearing. I think it's a credit to the writer's skills that in just a few episodes they've managed to believably build up the character as a sympathetic antagonist trying to reform, something that Paul Dini failed to do with the Riddler for the best of, what was it, three years?

Also, has anyone noticed the new season's inking has progressed a few steps from Season 3's? I compared a close-up of Dr. (Thaddeus) Venture's face from the latest episode with a similar shot in the Season 3 finale, and there's way more streamlining on the shape of his head and detail on his glasses.
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Word! And to top it off, he's the Big Bopper (apparently)! He was my favorite Councilman on the SHADOWMAN 9 episode last season, so it was awesome to see him get a bigger role. And visibility!

I too am really digging Sgt. Hatred, but man, he really is a source of contention for many fans. Some people single him out as the biggest problem with this season, sounding and acting rather like Hank when they decry that Hatred is "no substitute" for Brock. Which totally seems to miss several points.

And man, you really have a mad-on for Dini in general, and what he did with the Riddler in particular.
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I think the discontent with Sgt. Hatred is due to the lack of Brock. He's just a scapegoat for a larger issue. Nobody seemed to mind him when Brock was around (granted, he got less screen time back before he was a regular).
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He was my favourite Councilman also, although that was mainly because I thought he WAS Greenback, cleverly disguised with some sort of horned uniform. I think among the rest of their plot-busting escapades, the writers specifically decided to oust the two Councilmen who, in silhouette, vaguely resemble the Rhino - if only to point out that neither of them are the Rhino.

'Course, even if they don't remove him from 3's body, they could just give them a really big screen in the Guild's trial room, count them as one, and employ someone new as the 13th member, someone who hasn't done much lately - Baron Underbheit? King Gorilla? My personal pick would be Scaramantula, he's another one-episode character who I totally adored. Tarantula ScaraMANTula!

I've noticed that significantly, in the major feuding 'Families' of the series, the fourth member - Brock & #24 - has died or been replaced, which means that change has to come to the families. My theories on #24 and #21 are still hazy, and involve a Jim-Carrey-style fixation on the number 4, but in the Ventures it means that they need to learn how to defend themselves and are also able to grow and develop without the hugely intimidating figure of Brock hovering over them (Not that I'm complaining - it's just a Freudian inadequacy thing, y'know?). In a way, Hatred's methods are better than Brock's - he's less of a loner and more of a jolly uncle type, and he's also eager to train the family to defend themselves thanks to his military mindset and not having to rely on the cloning vats.

I realise I may be getting slightly monotonous. I'll keep shut unless something really annoying happens.
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I wholeheartedly vote for more King Gorilla and/or Scaramantula. Also, I'd like to see them step it up with Baron Underbheit, as it seems they honestly don't know what to do with him now.

... but in the Ventures it means that they need to learn how to defend themselves and are also able to grow and develop without the hugely intimidating figure of Brock hovering over them...

It's so true! I absolutely love seeing the boys grow and develop as characters, which would have been seriously hampered by Brock being there to protect them at all times. It's given them both breathing room to develop. And yeah, in some ways, Hatred really is better for the boys. He never had the interest nor patience to train them, which in fairness was never his job, but even Molotov gave that one a try. Hatred may gradually be pulling off what Brock wouldn't and Molotov couldn't (without killing them first).

Tangentially, it actually makes me wonder how well the Ventures would have survived without Brock there saving their asses. Honestly, the whole world they inhabit is one of failures, so I think even without Brock, Rusty would have survived all right (he has experience in such matters), and he always had the whole stock of clones.
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I think Underbheit is another aspect of that idea of failure you mentioned - as he was still a student while Richard Impossible was a professor, he was too young to engender a hatred for Dr. Impossible; Underbheit & the Impossibles are sort of a strange parable as to what Doom and the Fantastic Four would be like if they had absolutely nothing to do with one another.

Funny you should mention Molotov, because in both cases (her & Hatred), they have attempted to form a bond with Hank rather than Dean. 'Course, while Brock was mainly there to help with the whole bodyguarding thing, the Ventures never really realised how important he was to their social lives - without him, Master Billy Quizboy would never have been left in Pete White's care, Jonas Jr. wouldn't have been removed and would probably have just pulled a chest-burster on Rusty, Monarch would have actually succeeded in killing them all and then logically taken his own life out of boredom...he's a real integral puzzle piece!

Oh, and just one thing more: I think there's a slow-burning hidden plot in this new season that indicates that Dean is going to grow up to be a supervillain. Consider the following:

Episode 1: Hitler the Dog, the incarnation of all things Evil and reincarnation of Hitler, turns out to love and take a shining to Dean immediately upon meeting him, despite absolutely despising everyone else.
Episode 3: A version of Dean who ages naturally, despite being additionally insane and mentally scarred, becomes evil and vindictive with only a small amount of encouragement.
Episode 5: Not only does Bowie see Dean as the more rightful heir to the Guild than his older, more experienced, intelligent and vindictive father, but when Dean dubs him the new Sovereign, the words just come completely natural as he says them.

This development would also correlate with the deterioration of the Venture legacy, Col. Venture being a great scientist and inspirational character, Dr. Jonas Venture being a great scientist but a terrible egomaniac, Dr. Thaddeus Venture being a failed scientist and a partially failed human being, and then...Dr. Dean Venture...a complete failure as a human being?
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Fascinating theory on Dean! I honestly hadn't considered that! I was thinking what many others were, which is that he was slowly becoming his father. Which is a tragic, pathetic future to consider.

But then, I think about that, and then your theory, and I remember when Dr. Henry Killinger almost made Rusty into a supervillain. And with that in mind, Dean's future in villainy could well be secured. Not only that, but he could well surpass his own father's potential!

But the question remains: what will he be like when he grows up? Will he be like a villain version of his father (who's not that good to begin with, but used to be good and is showing little bits of possible redemption), a bitter, broken-down failure of a human being? In essence, would he become the Monarch?

Or would he still retain his core Dean-ness? What if that dubbing scene indicates he has the potential to become a Sovereign more like Bowie: an above-competent leader of a league of evil, but not really that bad a guy himself?

I'd kind of like that, actually. It subverts the heroic legacy of the Ventures AND the theme of failure at the same time.

Damn it, by the time this series ends, I want these characters to have happy endings, dang it! At least, as happy as they can realistically get!
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Also: King Gorilla should team up with Kano and form an old-school Hip-Hop group...with Dragoon as their manager.
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Or a cooking show! Kano loves to bake!