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Apologies in advance if this comes out incoherent. Got hit by fever and I'm dreading that it's the pigflu, so I'm not exactly thinking straight at the moment. But anyways...

As to the title, sometimes I agree.

Following scans are from Clive Barker's Hellraiser #4, the story choice being pretty heavily influenced by my infatuation with the art but the story itself is also very evoking for me.

Anyways (I do use the word too much, but too scrambled to wrack my brain to find a replacement), let's get on to the story. Which is about a man, by the name of Ian Woolrich, and his wife Cathy. Who happened to have the misfortune of attending a new year's party with friends, killing time by solving puzzles. One distinct puzzle box in particular, which he cracked.

Some time later when he and his wife got ready to leave, he went to get their coats. Inside the closet he suddenly heard the door close behind him, seemingly due to draft. Opening it again he found himself in a pitch black room with a lighted golden door. And the door behind him vanished.

Behind the door, only more blackness and another door. Twice as far as the first. And so forth. And now to our visual part of this exercise.

Approximately seven years after these events Ian was finally starting to break away from being a total shut-in, never going through a door unless accompanied by another person. Even planning a vacation. Then one night he woke to Cathy's coughing. Something stuck in her throat. Running for help he was faced with their front door, opting for a window after being momentarily struck with terror. Soon he returned with a doctor friend, though Cathy had already managed to dislodge the thing in her throat - a small white diamond shaped object - and afraid that Ian had again vanished ran from their room. Cue visual part again.

Six pages out of a 19 page story. Oh, and for those inclined, the name of the story was "Like Flies to Wanton Boys."

Finally one scan of Hampton's art from Hellraiser poster book, plus the accompanying artpiece blurb.

Date: 2009-11-19 12:28 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] psychopathicus_rex
Ah, OK. I only know of the franchise second-hand, so such knowledge is a bit beyond me.


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