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Harvey Apollo, Two-Face--?

From the best(and judging from Ebay, the rarest) of all the Batman tabloid comics of the 70s, a...slightly different Two-Face. This is a series of Sunday newspaper strips from 1946, which received its first comics publication in this edition. I'm assuming this is...Jack Burnley?
Anyway. He's a handsome actor, see. It's ironic and stuff. Also, a request: anyone have some Dick Tracy Haf-And-Haf strips?

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What a fascinating idea! It'd certainly allow poor Harvey to grow free from his Sisyphean lot in life and explore themes of duality in other ways.

Me, I quixotically hoped that Harvey would stay healed and a vigilante post-ONE YEAR LATER and that the mantle of Two-Face would have been taken up by Alexander Luthor, having survived the Joker's gunshot. I would have loved to have seen that.
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Just makin' lemonade!

That would have been the risk, but hey, if Prime can be made interesting (and I would argue he absolutely has been, as of LEGION OF THREE WORLDS onward), anything's possible!

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An extra-dimensional Two-Face?
Well, it's original, anyway.
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Well, he had no powers left at that point. He'd have to make do with his Luthor intellect, and that'd make him a rather formidable foe.

And hell, Grant Morrison would probably pull something way wackier than an extra-dimensional Two-Face if he had the chance. It's one of the rare times I'm glad he's more interested in original characters rather than using actual Batman villains. He'd probably give Harvey the ability to talk to currency or something.

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That'd be interesting, actually. It kind of reminds me of a character from 'The Last Unicorn' - good book, if you haven't read it - called Drin, who was so stingy and loved his money so much that his money loved him right back. At one point, he's trying to track the heroes down, and they're hiding from him with a few of his coins in their pockets, and he just stands there and yells out to his money 'who is your master?' 'Drin', hum the coins, 'Drin, Drin, Drinnnnn', and he just follows the noise straight to them.

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It gets pretty much to the heart of what Two-Face is as a character, yeah. Basically, he's a creature of simplicity - yes-no, on-off, black-white, good-bad. That's his whole belief system - it's why he's Two-Face in the first place. He can't handle complexity - it just confuses him.
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I didn't forget it, I'm just not counting it since I'm taking about Morrison's current run. If he pulled that Thin White Duke of Death thing with the Joker, I'd hate to see what he'd do to Harvey, playing up with some huge ideas about duality themes or talking currency rather than writing him as a character.

And yeah, I liked that take too, and I rather liked the notes he made about Harvey in the script (in the anniversary edition). Morrison's an ideas-first kind of writer most of the time, and many of the characters in Arkham suffered from it (Jervis, particularly, has never recovered), but it actually worked for Harvey.
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You're not the only one, I assure you. But me, I just find a perma-grinning one-note ghoul out of a SILENT HILL game far more boring and less compelling than the charming, charismatic, manipulative sociopath who looks like all fun and games on the surface (even Heath was more this Joker than Morrison's).

What did you like about RIP?
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Agreed! I rather liked that. If it actually was meant to be Harvey Dent himself, I'd have raised an eyebrow, but making a new character to explore those concepts in a different way, yeah, I really dug it.

I dislike Morrison's Batman, so it's weird to feel like I'm one of the very, very, very few people who actually liked BATMAN #700.