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Previews for next week's Marvel titles are up; in addition to DC's Wonder Woman, this week sees Incredible Hercules, Thor: Defining Moments Giant-Size, and Dark Avengers: Ares all come out. Links and one scan from Thor under the cut (with some spoilers, of course).

Incredible Hercules preview #138

I posted some of this earlier, and though I didn't get the conversation around Typhon right, seems I totally called USAgent saying they aren't actually gods.

I thought this was where they might be going with Cho as the champion of "the new age". Fitting, in a way, since Typhon basically the last of the great beasts of the sort Herc was meant to deal with.

And over in Thor:

As I said earlier, he should get a big statue that says "he died for their stupidity".

Date: 2009-11-21 05:40 am (UTC)
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Eh, Keiichi seems to do all right just being himself. And without any 'help' from the sisters, for that matter.


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