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To celebrate buying a new printer/scanner (not to mention lugging it three miles home on foot), I bring you scans from the Super-Dictionary!

(Joker: 'YOU had better watch out! The person I'm speaking to had better watch out.')
Quiz: What do you get when you divide forty by two?
(Superbaby saw TWENTY little cakes. He saw twenty cakes and he wants all of them.)
Don't, Superbaby! We know where that kind of thing leads... I mean, who'd have thought we'd see the day when Superman would be stealing silverware:
(Policeman: 'Superman! What are you doing with that giant TEASPOON? What are you doing with that giant eating tool?' Superman: 'I'm taking it to a giant who has no TEASPOONS.')
They didn't show it in Red Son, but one of soviet!Superman's tasks was redistribution of teaspoons. More Superman being an inexplicable doofus:
(Superman wanted to land WITHOUT his boots on. He wanted to land not having his boots on.)
(Superman: 'I'll fight the ALGAE and win. I'll fight all these little water plants. They can't get the best of me.')
I'd certainly hope not, Superman! I'm a total wimp, and even I haven't yet been taken down by little water plants.

And now, for something completely different:
(Batman is very POLITE. He is nice and has good manners.)
Yes, it's time for ...Batdickery!
(Batman stepped on Robin's TOE. He stepped on the front part of Robin's foot. Robin has five TOES on each foot.)
(Why the emphasis on his perfectly normal number of toes? Ask me about the Super-Dictionary's obsession with digits sometime when I'm not at work.)
(Batman: 'I'll PUSH you out of here. I'll shove you out of here. Go away and don't cause so much trouble.' Man: 'You should not have PUSHED me!')
(Don't TEASE the Joker. Don't make fun of him. Batman TEASED him last week, and the Joker gave him a punch.)
Punching, teasing, stepping on toes... these are all such minor offenses. We know Bats is capable of more.
(Joker: 'It was SILLY to let Batman see me. It was foolish and not very smart. It was SILLIER for me to stay here. It was SILLIEST to get caught by him. Now he will SODOMIZE me.')
In the course of scanning and cropping, I've looked at that image many times, but it hasn't gotten any less disturbing. Poor Joker.
(Joker: 'MAY I leave now? Am I allowed to leave now that you've had your way with me?' Batman: 'Yes, you MAY go. But, you MAY be late. It is possible that you will be late.')
Late for what? What evil schemes does this fiend have planned?
(Joker: 'SING with me. Make music with your voice. I SANG and danced my way in here. I have SUNG enough. Dance to the door.')
...And that's terrible??

I have POSTED enough. *dances to the door*

Date: 2009-11-22 06:33 am (UTC)
jelly_ace: (what)
From: [personal profile] jelly_ace
Heh. Batman and Joker sex faces. Hehehe.


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