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J.M. DeMatteis' brief DAREDEVIL run continues. After stopping the rampaging woman called Sir, Matt Murdock has realized the man who has been running around in the old yellow Daredevil costume is... himself! That was quickly followed by remembering he accidentally pushed a prostitute out a window while trying to "get" the last of the fixer's men who killed Battlin' Jack Murdock. Karen Page and Foggy Nelson found Matt in "Jack Batlin's" apartment, catatonic and in the yellow Daredevil costume.

So, Foggy now officially knows that Matt is Daredevil... and isn't taking it very well.

Matt continues his catatonic state, deciding that in this blank white void, there's no "contradiction and death." He also flashes on Young!Matt going after his father's last killer, getting attacked by the hookers and accidentally pushing one out a window to her death.

Aside: The "continuity" of the MAN WITHOUT FEAR miniseries has always been a bit questionable. It was done by John Romita Jr. and Frank Miller before he went OUT-OF-HIS-HEAD INSANE. The series was "eased" into continuity, although it is still questionable. Anytime you ask a fan or creator "How old was Matt Murdock when his father was killed?" they change the subject.

Hey, Karen read "Jane Eyre."

Matt has woken up enough to go to Sister Maggie (introduced in BORN AGAIN and still used from time to time) and explain what happened. Maggie was one of the few people who knew Matt wasn't dead and even suggested the name "Jack" to him. Matt explains everything: he was young, grieving, angry, and an innocent woman paid the price for it. Repressed memory is explained why he hadn't remembered it before. He asks Maggie to show him "how to wipe the blood off my hands."

Matt goes to a tall building, wondering what the girl thought as she fell. He leaps off the building, but knows suicide would be a coward's death. (DeMatteis did a lot of "Suicide is bad" stories after so many people thought Kraven's Last Hunt was a "Suicide is good" story.) He easily saves himself, and "I've got to find my own way, my own penance, my own path to redemption. And that's between me and God." Matt, God, and perhaps one other.

Stick! ...The heck? (End of issue)

Matt's confused, as he thought Stick was dead. (DD #190.) Stick whacks Matt with his, um, stick. Matt fights back and knocks Stick out the window.

"Jack Batlin" is a little ridiculous for a fake name, at least if you know about "Battlin' Jack" Murdock.

A kiss can't solve a little faked death between friends?

Guess not.

If anyone's read DAREDEVIL #325 or the entire FALL FROM GRACE storyline, Matt faking his death was a real "spur of the moment" choice. It was more to protect Matt's friends instead of "burying the past."

So Stick is there. But...

Matt leaves a note for Karen and goes to find Stick. Stick finds him. Stick says that his training wasn't about "leaving Matt Murdock" behind but "trying to drag you to him." Matt climbs the side of a building to talk more with Stick, but suddenly "imagines" himself climbing a snow-covered mountain, as if he was climbing the mountain where the Chaste live.

"...but chooses the climb nonetheless."

Sister Maggie, Karen and Foggy all think about Matt. Maggie and Karen are hopeful, while Foggy is still angry/hurt/confused Matt would keep Daredevil a secret from him (and tell Karen) and also fake his death.

Matt finishes climbing the mountain... which becomes a building again. Matt is annoyed by the "zen smokescreens" from Stick. Stick knocks Matt out. He wakes up in a graveyard to find...

Soon... the conclusion!

Date: 2009-11-23 06:03 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shanejayell
I was rather 'meh' about this. The ending really didn't work that well for me....

Date: 2009-11-23 05:59 pm (UTC)
lamashtar: Shun the nonbelievers! Shun-na! (Default)
From: [personal profile] lamashtar
Foggy's discovery was the best plot twist in comics.


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