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Ghosts in Batman & the Outsiders v2 #05 (May '08)

Filling a request from [personal profile] busterella.

This guy has the most perfect drop evar on The Batman.

When suddenly dun dun dun

I'm not sure I can adequately explain the plot, but here's the essentials: Bats has sent a strike team made up of Green Arrow, Batgirl, Katana, Geo-Force and Metamorpho overseas to stop the launch of a rocket filled with unknown but probably genocidal payload. As will usually happen in BatO, the mission turns into a hairball. But...

At least one rocket launches as Metamorpho tries to stop it. Ollie thinks Rex has been killed (though I'm not sure that's even possible.)

And then - nothing. You'd think this revelation would be earthshaking, but the Dibnys don't show up again until the War in Hell mini.

As best I can tell this is not already on here. I think it was probably posted new before the Great Disaster on LJ; either that or it was left untagged to avoid spoilers. I'm going to tag it appropriately, though.

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