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That red arrow suit clashes with your hair Roy....

red arrow
red arrow 2
Oh Hal, its ok, just hug your regrets away. Regrets that involve abandoning a young drug addict that you've known for... well forever. No biggie. All's forgotten (somewhere in the background I hear Borat screaming NOT)
and as a side note, while I understand that yes Roy was an addict, and yes it was a big part of his past, does anyone else notice that this isn't the first time they've brought up the druggie past when he makes any sort of transition, whether its a new costume, or name, or just general change to his life.
though to be fair, they did only bring that up in a brief way

They also mention it in the new Titans issue when he decides to move into a bigger place for Lian's sake, and he's going through all his stuff and finds a picture of his band and then all of a sudden, we're waltzing down memory lane once more.

But I really like the first 2 scans and the art as well.

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Yeah, pulling bow strings isn't easy. lol I tried ._.

Even the ones with all the high-tech pullies and light-weight materials that are suppose to make it easy still require some force. o_o
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Yeah, that was the kicker at the end of that old Hawkeye miniseries - the bad guy got the bow away from Clint, "say goodbye sucker - bzuh?!?" and Clint is all, what, you can't pull a 400-lb. pressure line? *bops bad guy*
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It's an older idea than that: see the end of the Odyssey, where Odysseus is the only one who can use his bow.
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Mwahaha. Love it.
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Yeah, pulling bow strings isn't easy. lol I tried

Heh. In Kevin Smith's introduction to the trade collection of Quiver, he mentions the only piece of real-world research he did for the story: trying to pull back a modern bow. Once.