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Ralph's Secret Origin & Adorable Dibny Fanart

I found this over at DevArt, midydoof is amazing!

And here is Ralph's Secret Origin. I think DC was publishing these in issues of 52 and some of Countdown. I wish they were still making them because I rather enjoyed them.

I really like Sue's short hair. I wish I wasn't a read head so I could pull that look off. D:

And a little subtle something extra. ^_^;

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I hold out hope that post-BN they will either continue being Deadman-esque ghost detectives (which I found cute), or be brought back and the whole death thing forgotten...
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I'm hoping they stay ghost detectives. And that they get to pal around with Deadman, because Deadman needs more ghosty friends. XD
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I really want them to team up at least once with Deadman. It would be hilarious. They're so plucky and he's so...not. "YOU GAIZ STOP GIGGLING BEING DEAD IS SERIOUS BUSINESS GOSH".
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And then they all team up with the Phantom Stranger who proceeds to go all Gentleman Snarker on them and it's awesome. :D

('Cos Deadman's best living pal is P.S. Because everyone loves P.S. Except that snooty Spectre and John Constantine.)
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Someone should totally make that into a series. There needs to be more love for the DC mystics anyway, I think (and I'm lumping in the ghost characters into the "mystics" side). Zatanna gets gobs of attention, and that's cool because she's pretty damn awesome, but there are tons of other magical/ghosty sorts of characters who don't get half that. Including P.S. He's awesome! Where's his props?