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Firstly, introducing the crew!

Here is Vera hiring Naif al-Sheikh, international intelligence expert, onto the team.
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Vera and Naif got to the JLElite's base, in New Jersey, where she introduces him to Dawn and Manitou Raven.

And thus we're introduced to Naif's winning personality,
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I guess it should be pointed out at this point that Vera is Naif's best friend.

Raven and Dawn are formerly members of the JLA, who came to the present day from three thousand years in the past at the end of the Obsidian Age storyline.

Anyway, on with the plot.

The JLElite are trying to infiltrate a superpowered mercenary group called the Blood Brothers (unaffiliated with the muscial), who are holding tryouts to join their team.

To get into the team, Vera disguises herself as Deathstroke (who gets into the final group of candidates by appearing to blow up Green Arrow with a rocket launcher at close range), while the Mysterious Assassin known as Kasumi appears to chop Major Disaster's head off.

Now in the final group, the Blood Brother (a death fetishist and a guy with blood related powers I don't completely get) have them them fight each other until only two are left. In the melee, JLElite members Coldcast and Menagerie killed by decapitation and minicrossbow respectively.

Here's Kasumi in action,
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Anyway, Kasumi and "Deathstroke" are declared the winners as they appear to be the only two left standing and in one piece. The Blood Brothers whisk them away to the secret mission they have planned, while in the field of carnage left behind...
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And thus the first mission is underway, huzzah!

Note: there is a lot of action set pieces in this comic, but I can't fit both them and the character stuff in under the word count. However, the entire series has been collected, even their later cameo in JLA, so you can enjoy it in more depth there.

Here is the character page from the trade, that wasn't posted in the actual issue I don't think.
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