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Greetings True Believers! As you may know, I love Conan of Cimmeria. And I love all the old Marvel comics he was in. Conan the Barbarian was in a number of wonderful stories in Marvel grand old What If series. So I selected my favorites and now I present them for your pleasure. By Crom, you shall enjoy it!

A wizard screws with Conan and sends him to 1978 New York. (Wizards are always screwing with Conan. He usually returns the favor by stabbing them to death.)

Conan arrives.

Conan and the elderly! Ha!

Cameo time!

Anyone remember the the Marvel Team-Up where MJ got possessed by the spirit of Red Sonja to defeat Kulan Gath? I do!

Forget Carol vs. Car. Now Car meets Conan!

She takes Conan home.

The magical lightning bolt that brought Conan to NY causes a blackout. Conan and Dan bone. But what's the New York tradition for a blackout? Riots! Outside Dan's crib people are looting. Conan goes to stop them and is about to start with the stabbing-time but Dan asks him not to kill anybody. Conan is like, "Huh? No killing?" So he does the next best thing.

While looking at the paper, Conan recognizes the Guggenheim museum as identical to the citadel of the Wizard who time-zapped him. They go there to see about sending Conan home. The innterupt a gang of thieves.

Conan finishes off the rest of the gang and shares a good-bye with Dan. She gives him her cap. He Quantam Leaps home.

Conan, of course, rolls with it. I love What If! Next up: Conan vs. Thor! This tale was 9 pages out of 34.
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