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Conan in What If Mega Post Part 2: Conan Vs. Thor!

Greetings True Believers! Here is part two of my Conan in What If mega-post. This tale finds Conan teaming up with everyone's favorite Asgardian. Learn of their wacky adventures! By the Bones of Ymir, you will enjoy this!

Loki tricks Thor into the past where he winds in ancient Hyboria. (Corinthia to be exact.) Thor gets in the middle of a battle between Conan and some douche-nozzle guards. (Everyone assumes Thor is an Aesir.) Thor has lost his powers and memories.

Since Thor passed the "Manly Friendship Test of Fighting" they go stealing and wenching together. Conan tells Thor about Crom and what an indifferent badass he is. Thor decides to go see him and find who he is and what the deal is. Meanwhile Uber-wizard and total dick Thoth-Amon plots from the shadows.

They cruise to Cimmeria and Crom's mountaintop Pimp-Pad.


Thor and Conan go a-questing for the Hammer but Thoth-Amon steals it first and begins wrecking whole kingdoms with it. So T and C break into his snake-pit, fuck up some snakemen and do battle with T-A.

Noble death in 3...2...1!

Thoth-Amon gets turned into dog-meat and Thor has a death bed request for his homie Conan.

When Conan says he's going to do something. He fucking does it!

I chose to believe that in this reality Conan becomes the new God of Thunder and in several thousand years totally wrecks Tony Stark in the face for attempting to clone the awesomeness of Conan.

12 pages out of 38. Next, the grand finale: Conan vs. Captain America!!
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I will never get over the liberty artist take with the length of the handle of Thor's hammer (No, the other one you goof). Some have a small on about 8 inches , other go for a tow handed version that is 14 or more.

[personal profile] queen_marshed 2009-11-24 05:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Connan/Thor!!! YOU CANNOT UNSEE IT. O__o
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I have always loved the ending of this comic. Mostly because you just know that Conan is going to smash Crom's face in with a hammer.

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[personal profile] buttler 2009-11-26 01:04 am (UTC)(link)
I loved this issue. It managed to be totally true to the feel of both characters and their respective series at the same time.
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Wow! Hadn't realised so many folk here had read this..

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As a kid who read most of the Conan books this was like a dream come true for me, seeing him interact with Marvel's Thor. Normally I hate the old 'depower the powerful character to put him on equal standing with the non-powered one' but in this it really works. And makes you feel bad for Thor's lonely plight. Especially loved that Thor got to meet the oft mentioned but rarely seen Crom, and his dismissive treatment of Thor is especially chilling. Although what I wouldn't have given for a Odin-Crom throwdown in a more neutral setting after this!