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Lois Lane, Girl Reporter

A scattering of the LOIS LANE strip from the 40s, with a very early Jimmy and what Clark looks like when you never see him as Superman. I apologize for the quality; they are not my scans. I attempted to sharpen them as best I could. You'll notice that despite the "and Joe" credit, these are most likely(most of them) Wayne Boring.

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It's really "third" but it's spelled "thoid" to indicate he's got a Brooklyn-esque accent of that time period.:-)
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...Oh, come on.

It's difficult enough to learn English as a second language, what with its words that aren't written the way they sound, and now you go and misspell words on purpose?

You Americans are big bad meanies ;_;

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Could've been worse. It could've been 't'oid'. I've seen it written that way often enough.