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Green Lantern # 48

4 pages from Green Lantern #48 "Gimme a Break!" by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke.

After the preview the other Lanterns try and get Atrocitus and Larfleeze to join them, first by asking and then by Sinestro threatening Larfleeze and promising Atrocitus that he'll help him destroy the GLC. Both refuse. The Lanterns also realize that the Guardians started the Blackest Nights with there attempts to stop it and Hal says he's going to quit after this rather then work for them.

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The Guardians never seem to second guess or put much thought into what they do, they probably figured the Manhunters would be error proof and never bothered to check in on them.

Of coarse the writer loop holes are to blame too. How did they not see how Sinnestro was ruling his homeworld?, why did they banish Ganthet only to get duped by Scar?

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that's easy. They banished Ganthet because of actions he took.