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Till, as I mentioned elsewhere, they find a way to make the white version work again. John Stewart--a glaring anomaly--aside, they're usually meant as placeholders.
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It's not race, but nostalgia. As with New Coke, Classic Coke will always win out. Your beef should be with the idea that a character was created as a 'replacement' in the first place, rather than an entirely new product/character. (IMHO)
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...The nostalgia being for a white guy, so I'm not sure how that makes a difference in the ultimate effect?
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The nostalgia being for the original. It makes a difference because race doesn't enter into it, and once one assigns race as a part of reasoning all logic goes out the door.

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The new Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Question, and Robin seem to disagree with you too. O_o

Besides, Manhattan Guardian was based on the Guardian, he wasn't a replacement.