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You're assuming that Bruce did have a "part in Damian's creation." Certainly Damian believes that, and Talia wants the world to believe it, and Bruce and Alfred are letting the world believe it. But I've noticed a conspicuous amount of direct confirmation when people ask the question (e.g., Tim in the Batman RIP sequence).
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I wasn't sure whether they were making "Son of the Demon" canon or not. I can totally buy Talia attempting a scam, and even Bruce giving a deluded boy a chance. Just not being stupid and unprepared. (And, no, I will never buy him trusting Talia, at least not with the chance to create a kid.)
So I hope you're right.
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As I understand the situation, DC has specified that Son of the Demon is still not part of the standard continuity, not least because it conflicts with what Batman and Son and later stories say about Damian. It was one of Morrison’s inspirations, but not a story he tried to match.

However, we also have to recall that this is a comic-book universe, where science doesn't work the way we know it. Peter Tomasi (who was the first to contact Grant Morrison about writing Batman and heard his ideas before anyone) showed Talia involved in cloning, accelerated growth, gene-splicing, and other fun stuff in Nightwing: Free Fall. So there are ways Damian could be the genetic offspring of Bruce Wayne without being the result of an unprotected roll in the desert.
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I'm actually cool with that. Just so long as Talia et al had to work (no, not THAT way!) to create Damien. There ARE things Bruce truly couldn't guard against, being only human. But writing him as naively trusting doesn't work for me.