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That Matter Eater Lad totally spoils this post, I'm removing it for the time being!
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Er, I meant tag!
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I remember a Bizarro image macro:


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I just love characters who are normally treated as jokes getting epic moments like this.

[personal profile] theanswer 2009-11-27 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
Matter-Eater Lad's had a few epic moments.

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Best. Battlecry. Ever.
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Why would she leave her child in the car?

So...Mitch from way back when (I think)I remember seeing the first scan in a post back at s_d 2.0) is really Matter-Eating Lad? Anyone care to give me a brief history?
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oh yes now I see you've already included the bit about 688. oops.

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I'm sad that his enthusiasm in issue 688 is not because he has a gay-crush on Mon-El, but instead is because he just loves to eat things :(
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Why can't it be both, eh? The two things aren't exactly mutually exclusive.

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This is cute. Didn't know there was a Matter Eating Lad and his gay crush on Mon is great :-D

Mon El's new costume is growing on me. I rather it didn't have the S shield and be is M on it though.
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Well, the S shield is the symbol of the house of El, and he's calling himself Mon-El.

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M-E Lad, hooray!

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That was very cool. *nods*
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Of COURSE he'd be a foodie. Of course.
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His definition of 'gourmet' is just a little wider than most.
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OMG It's Matter Eater Lad! Aaand... now I ship him and Mon-El like ten times as much as I already did. Squeeeee...

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icon source what?

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That is all.

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A few thoughts....

Bizarro looks like Arnold

I don't know much about this Legion, but this was awesome. I just love how this came out of nowhere and how he's saving the girl by EATING through the car, so awesome. I just wish we could've gotten a panel of citizens wtf reaction to him eating the car.
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What is this? Something good in a Robinson-penned comic?!
and here we thought he was done doing that
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Hahaha! Motto.

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Now I must buy this book. Mon-el? Plus. Matter Eater Lad? Plus. Matter Eater Lad being bad ass? Huge plus. Matter Eater Lad and Mon-el possibly getting snuggley with one another? Total buy.
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Can someone point me to a good place to learn more about this legion stuff. I've been getting back into comics after a long hiatus and the whole legion thing just confounds me
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Start with JLA: The Lightning Saga, then read Superman and the Legion of Super-heroes, then read Legion of three worlds. Legion appears monthly in Superman and Adventure Comics. Wiki will be a big help though and if all else fails, there is always the cartoon. Actually, just watch the cartoon anyway

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Well, THAT set my slashdar a-pinging.
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Please stop letting Ma near a needle and thread. What the hell was wrong with his classic costume? It's always been one of my favorites.

And what's up with her designs anyway? She seems very fond of showing off her boys' packages.
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And let's not forget she also did Supergirl's costume. And in a possible future shown by Mxyzptlk she did Clark's daughter's costume and Lois responded by saying "Martha! It's too tight! I can see her cup size!"

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This worries me a bit because all the Legion people are showing up and WONK is ending and I DON'T WANT MON-EL TO GO TO THE PHANTOM ZONE/FUTURE!!! I am really enjoying him as Clark's replacement and as much as I love Clark I hope Mon stays for a really long time.

I enjoyed this issue and Robinson's dialogue didn't seem as weird, also the interaction between Kon-El and Mon-El was sweet and here's hoping they have at least a Tim and Dick type of relationship (you know before the whole Final Crisis thing happened).

kingrockwell: he's a sexy (Babs Gordon)

[personal profile] kingrockwell 2009-11-27 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Word is there's a Superman-centered event coming down next year, though I would think there'll be some downtime between WONK ending and that starting, since Blackest Night will still be in its final months during that period.

the big question then will be which Super book i'll want to turn to in that downtime :(
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Fuck yeah, Matter-Eater Lad! I don't care what anyone says, that guy is awesome.

Speaking of not caring, is it terribly wrong of me that I still hold out a tiny shred of hope that the Mon/Mitch slashyness might lead somewhere?
I mean, a guy that can and will eat absolutely anything? Perfect boyfriend material, right there!

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Exact words:



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oh now I am happy.
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legion roll call

matter eater lad is mitch
sensor girl is the redhead in the science police
tellus is in a smallville swamp
element lad is teaching chemistry at smallville high
starman is ...around

still to find-
dream girl- she's either lori in adventutre comics or shes already trapped as the omens page in adventure hinted
chameleon boy- unknown
quislet- unknown
tyroc- unknown

there is also a legion of super-villains cell in the 21st century and someone from either group is being tapped for magic by lane and his project