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After the assassination of the genocidial President Bhat in the previous issue (along with two of his staff, though no one seems to care about them), Naif is having to explain to various political sorts why the JLElite appear to have killed people after he promised they wouldn't.
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Three interesting things there: 1. the guy on the phone appears to be GW Bush, when he actually lost the 2000 election to Lex Luthor and thus was never president in the DCU. 2. Naif is so stressed that he's smoking three cigarettes at once. and 3. Note Vera's eyes, they appear as square and rectangles several times, so when they don't it could be argued not to be an artistic error.

Vera asks Manitou Raven to prepare a spell to root out the murderer on the team, but the fact that Raven is giving Vera and the team more attention than her doesn't help the increasing resentment she's started to feel for her husband.
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Vera gathers the team on a rooftop, and states that if whoever is responsible steps forward, then they'll be given both a day's head start and the promise that the team would be the ones who catch them. So they'll be better treated than if they were caught by any of the other government agencies or superteams.

No one steps forward.

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Wow, nice to see you add a semi-racist comment in there Ollie. *rolleyes*
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And thus begins Ollie's term of boinking a teammate's wife.
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