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[personal profile] thehefner 2009-11-29 05:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Agreed. The majority of the non-DCAU style Harley stories seem to just be lacking, IMO.

[personal profile] lynxara 2009-11-29 05:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I've noticed a lot of the comics-only fans don't much like Harley. I suspect this is why.
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[personal profile] thehefner 2009-11-29 06:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Huh! I hadn't noticed that comics-only fans dislike her, but yeah, that'd totally make sense. That's unfortunate.

With rare exceptions, Harley just seems to need the one-two-three punch of Dini, Timm, and Sorkin.
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Motto that motto.
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I don't agree; Harley is still very much popular. Hence the fact that she's part of an ongoing and had her own series in the early 2000s.

[personal profile] lynxara 2009-11-30 07:25 pm (UTC)(link)
She's popular with people who appreciated the cartoon, yes. I've found entire threads of comics-only folks who detest her and think she "waters down" the Joker. Probably why she's been folded from a solo ongoing into an ensemble book.
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Mostly because, IMHO, the Joker that has been in the DCU for quite a while now lacks the depth of character to have the sort of sick twisted relationship which makes Harley and Joker much warped, fleshcrawling fun. In the DCAU, the Joker MIGHT kill you at any point but might prolong the pain for kicks, but the DCU Joker is JUST a killer now, so you wonder why he hasn't offed her already.
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Ego. She's the only person in the world that understands him, even if her understanding is flawed it's still the closest he'll ever get to someone understanding him. Probably why he reacts so badly when she misses the point.

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Reminds me of an episode of "Criminal Minds" where a sadistic killer who abducts women to torture them to death spares one when he realizes she's not afraid of him. And then becomes so obsessed with her he abducts some children to blackmail the FBI agents to find her for him.
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This. Exactly. Yes.
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I knooooow. I was excited to see the Dini Joker in GCS until they took it all away.

I don't like Morrison Joker. D: