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Is she going "ah'm" in a thought bubble?

Apparently Southerners don't just speak it, they think it.
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That'll be useful when someone creates a language thought activated fighter jet someday.
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The first half of the movie, where the secret agents are trying to get him into Louisiana, are the most dramatic. It goes downhill once you see the plane.
lamashtar: The Great Hal Jordan (awesome)

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But the scenes in the plane where he's trying to recall the lazy drawl of his Alabama gramma are evocative of the innocence of his childhood! An innocence that is forever shattered by the bloody swath he wrecks through downtown New Orleans!
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what movie are you talking about?
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They're riffing off of the Clint Eastwood film Firefox
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You often think how you speak.
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That's why I hate accents in writing. Especially for Rogue. I end up stumbling over how the type her accent. aaaaaahhhhh mmm?

I'm from Tennessee. I've been told I have an awful southern accent. I've been told I sound like a northerner. In my head I sound like a Hollywood actor so it surprises me when anyone says either to me.
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I had much the same reaction when I was living in Memphis and working in their public library; some people had such thick accents that I couldn't understand them, even when I asked them to spell out words, while others had less of a Southern accent than I do. (I'm originally from central Illinois, where a lot of people still retain the Kentucky hill accent that people like Abraham Lincoln's family brought when they moved west in the early nineteenth century.)

And, yeah, writing in that sort of phonetic/accented dialect is almost never a good idea. (See also: Joel Chandler Harris, H.P. Lovecraft.)