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Trial of the Leader: She-Hulk witness for the prosecution

The Leader is on trial on very supervillaining charges, and is using the excuse that gamma radiation-induced mutation causes your judgement to be eroded.

It does appear to hold some water, as otherwise it implies that Brucewas going around smashing tanks and stuff on purpose.

Anyway, Jenny is called to the stand, leading to the dodgiest invasion of privacy in a courtroom since that lawyer revealled Veronica Mar's confidential health records on court TV.
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Hm, I know that this kinda makes sense to reveal, plus it does enforce the Leader's defence, but isn't that against the rules to go into that much detail into someone's sex life?
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Not much to add to the comments above, but thought I'd mention for the record that Jennifer didn't sleep with Juggernaut. It was a running gag for several issues (people spreading the rumor, Jennifer angrily denying it) until the truth was revealed as part of a larger interdimensional scheme.

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This retcon was the only single thing I hated in Slott's She Hulk. Juggernaut was a good guy at this point and Jen was acting like if she slept with Dr Doom.
Fortunately, Slott made a little mistake when True Jen stated that False Jen didn't know anything about meta-human laws. But the She Hulk who represented Juggernaut had to know about those laws. So it was the true one. Juggy just slept with both Jennifers and the true one is still denying it. :p
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Becoming a "good guy" isn't the whole of it. Even if you put his history aside, there's still his personality. From what I've seen of him, he's an overmuscled, unsubtle bully. ... Which does kind of match some phases of She-Hulk's personality. But I think it's entirely understandable that she'd have an "Ewww... no!" reaction no matter which "side" he was purportedly on at the time.

OTOH, not sure if anyone else brought this up, but it occurs to me that the argument being made here is not only dangerous (to her activities as She-Hulk, Doc Samson's credibility, etc), but it's got a gaping hole in it. Is it the fact that the powers are "gamma" in nature, or is it the fact that she's powerful and invulnerable and sexy and living the fantasy of being a superhero? Given that, no matter the source of the power, wouldn't anyone tend to become more uninhibited in some way?
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Eh, I still like the one-time bonus thing that had Jen going into a Roaring Rampage at her comic people over the Juggernaut issue...

Only to have Juggy himsef show up and call her off it. Exeunt couple, holding each other close as Jen remarks 'As if I'd EVER deny our relationship!'
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Even if Juggy was "good" at the time, that doesn't change the fact that he has tried to kill her cousin and the fact that he was her client(which unprofesional).