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Trial of the Leader: She-Hulk witness for the prosecution

The Leader is on trial on very supervillaining charges, and is using the excuse that gamma radiation-induced mutation causes your judgement to be eroded.

It does appear to hold some water, as otherwise it implies that Brucewas going around smashing tanks and stuff on purpose.

Anyway, Jenny is called to the stand, leading to the dodgiest invasion of privacy in a courtroom since that lawyer revealled Veronica Mar's confidential health records on court TV.
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Hm, I know that this kinda makes sense to reveal, plus it does enforce the Leader's defence, but isn't that against the rules to go into that much detail into someone's sex life?
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...Am I the only one who thinks that Jen looks better on his normal self than as She-Hulk? ._.
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I think it depends on whether you prefer large, buxom women or petite, slim women.
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If given the choice ...

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... And all other things being equal, I'll confess a preference for a woman who outranks my weight class enough that she could credibly kick my ass.
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Re: If given the choice ...

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lamashtar: Female Batman in bikini (Bat-torso)


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Since I don't know what you look like I couldn't say whether Jen looks better on your normal self...Ba-DUMP bump!