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Red, by Warren Ellis

Wow, somehow I completely missed the news that Red, a mini-series Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner did, is being made into a movie. This is excellent news, as I absolutely love the mini-series. It's definitely one of the strongest of Ellis's shorter works.

And the casting so far sounds good. I'm hoping the fact that it was able to draw so many high-caliber actors (Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John C. Reilly) means it had a really good script. I realize a lot of this is very old news but it's new to me.

So, for my first post in the new digs, here's 12 pages from the mini-series...

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"In the explosive espionage-thriller RED, Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner create a stark tale of revenge, as retired CIA killer Paul Moses finds himself forced back into the game to gain revenge on the agency that trained him."

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I'm more talking about the first two pages... he was retired, living in seclusion and HARMLESS.

Then the CIA director orders him dead.

All consequences flow from that, yes?

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Yes, but it ends with the moral given at the end. They don't start those at the beginning, ya know ;)
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I don't think we're connecting on this, or I'm just not getting your point.

Which happens, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm hoping that when this gets made into a movie they adapt it faithfully. It could be a good film, done right.
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Is it the character's viewpoint, or Ellis'? I doubt Ellis personally agrees with any of them. But this is what the CHARACTERS would think.

Storytelling is not advocacy, and it's sad in our present day America is so polarized we can't see any other way. Or that we assume all protagonists are mouthpieces for their creator. Considering how many different ones Ellis has created, that would be impossible. Doktor Sleepless, Spider Jerusalem, and a few others, yeah. Not these guys.
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Tho it should be noted that in almost all of Ellis' work, the governmenty are assholes. *lol*
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Its been pointed out to me that Ellis tends to always stick in crabby misanthropic rebellious hitmen. That the frequency that the trope shows up may be a mouthpiece.
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I'd suggest he overuses flawed cops a lot more.
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In almost all of Ellis' work, anyone but Our Hero and those who aid and abet him are assholes. The heroes are too, but charming ones.

There are some deeper political flaws in some of his work. One could also argue that stuff like THE AUTHORITY, rather than reflecting a liberal or progressive view gone very proactive, in fact is the sort of thing neocons dream of themselves as advocating.
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Just wanted to add

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On the other hand, I remember how anti-liberal the Ultimate Galactus storyline was, and noted what seemed to be a callback to the jingoism of golden age scifi, when the editor decreed that Earthlings/Americans would always win or be superior somehow. And Ellis agreed completely, but said it was a deliberate tone he took to fit in with the slight fascism of the Ultimate universe.
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Re: Just wanted to add

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And the commie-pinko sympathizer eggheads who wanted to understand or reason with the monster eventually get eaten by it or come to their senses, leaving the Real Work to be done by Real Men. American Men. Damnit.
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Re: Just wanted to add

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It's a little known secret of the universe that commie-pinko sympathizer eggheads are extra tasty, and nearly impossible to resist eating! O_O
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Doesn't said CIA director get shot as well? The scans didn't include it, but IIRC the antihero shoots him as well and leaves.

If we're reading morals here, I'm not sure how this leads to anything besides "you all suck".