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For the JLElite's next mission they went undercover as Coldcast's gang, in order to find out and stop where his brother, Christopher, was getting a steady stream of alien drugs and guns even though he was a relatively low level hood from Chicago.

Coldcast as himself, as having a former career as a criminal who beat up Superman pretty much makes him his brother's idol. Vera Black's in disguise as a supervillainess called Miss Morphine. She has addict powers(???). Wally is a superspeedster called Supersonic, and Kasumi has been given some of Shadow Thief's equipment in order to become the Nothing. Essentially herself, but can merge with shadows and things.

Also, Coldcast has begun a sexual relationship with Menagerie, which is kind of gross as they have to occassionally flick alien millipedes off the covers.

The undercover superheroes get into Christopher's gang, but Coldcast has a request though from Naif and Vera,
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Taking him at his word, Naif agrees to Coldcast's terms. He notices something strange though: Vera has started smoking. She says that it's to make the disguise more thorough so that a repeat of Wolfwood looking through her disguise doesn't happen again. It sounds reasonable, so the matter is dropped.

Meanwhile, Manitou Raven has won a three day long insult competition with a demon in order to win a magical object needed to root out the murderer on the team who killed President Bhat. He suddenly notices, upon arrival to the material world, that Dawn isn't around as much as she used to...

The undercover heroes go to meet the alien drug dealers that Christopher is getting his product from, they are called Aftermath. They have been relatively low key up to this point, selling alien drugs in inner city areas across the US, but the JLElite are trying to shut them down before it gets serious, hence their involvement.
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Major Disaster was meant to be there as well as backup, but lately he's been drinking... a lot. To the extent he doesn't show up when he's meant to.

The team meet up for Naif to tell them about the drug,
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After the meeting, Ollie catches up with Vera as she's getting back into character,
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Anyway, team breaks up for the night. Coldcast goes home and remanises with his brother about the "good old days", with Christopher asking that he is going to follow through on this isn't he?

Cutting to Vera's bedroom, where she's awoken by someone striking a match. She awakes, various guns and blades shooting out of her arms to find...

Manchester Black standing in her bedroom, grinning at her with with most of his head missing.

Vera awakes with a loud "No!", and it all seems to be a dream... until she sees the lit cigarette on her duvet...

Later, the bait and switch plan appears to be going well, with Wally replacing the UFOpiate with a Menagerie-produced substitute as Christopher is handing it to his customer, with neither of them noticing.

Unfortunately, the unexpected happens... as is the case a lot so far in this series,
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Hey, Karen's got a scarf! ^^
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