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The Simpsons comics have along history, and recently they been poking fun of anything comic book related, in terms of stories and fans. And they had a big story arc that was all about that in their 3 comic titles ( Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson, and Simpsons Super Spectacular). And I am going to post some of their best jokes here. And I am staring off where the story starts in Simpsons Comics #155

I'll spare you the first pages of the comic that makes fun of the story arcs earlier this year (It was posted before) and move on to the plot.  Turns out Krusty Studios bought the RadioactiveMan comic (this was publish in around in June, when was the Disney/Marvel deal again?) until he learns from other rich-jerks that the comic is failing, so he gets a bunch of people together to brainstorm on how to sell Bart's #1 Superhero.

Huh, who do you think Krusty was back there? Didio or Quesada? Didio considered Countdown "52 Done Right" because the editor was in charge instead of the writers, as Quesada did the whole OMD-BS to lure in younger readers.

That's it for part one, wait until next time for part two.
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