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Since Morrison decided to make Jason Todd the literal red-headed step-child of the Batfamily (.....As much fun as my friends and I have had making fun of Jason for being a closet ginger, this was really ridiculous), where does he go now?

Jason came back and was written brilliantly by Judd Winick in Under the Hood. Then came that.... Nightwing Story We Do Not Speak Of, Geoff Johns' Jason (which I personally think was awesome) in Titans, Countdown and Fabian Nicieza's Jason (which I also think was really good).

Then came Battle for the Cowl. .............................Yeah. And now while I don't think Morrison did as bad a job with Jason as Tony Daniel or Bruce Jones, the red-head thing is a head-scratcher. (pun intended). I still don't understand why Morrison did it. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But what was very interesting is that Morrison made Jason very meta. It' almost like he's also telling the reader: It was too late for him. He was killed by a phone poll. So it was ...too late for him in a way. 

Oh good dear, Tan's art is..... Not Good in that last panel. EW.

So anyways. While I like Jason's Red Hood (Winick) the best, he's really made it his own and plus it has that irony, he's only worn borrowed uniforms. And apart from Winick, Johns and Nicieza (IMO), he's been written fairly inconsistently. DC can't seem to figure out if they want him to reform (Countdown), be an anti-hero/vigilante who kills criminals, or become a cliched villain (BftC).

So any ideas on where he goes from here? (After he gets out of jail). I'd love to see DC put Winick back on him and do a mini finding out who he is, but this is just really wishful thinking, I know.

What do you want to see him do?
Reform and join the Batfamily again?
Reform, but still be at odds with the Batfamily?
Stay an anti-hero?
Officially become a villain?

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