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In conjunction with Two-Face Tuesday!

Continuing the life and times of Sasha Bordeaux, seven and a third pages from 'Tec #755, and six from #756.

At the end of Officer Down, recovering from a gunshot wound, still mourning Sara's recent death, and just generally getting a little old, Jim Gordon decided it was time for him to step down from the force, leaving the office of commissioner to Michael Akins. But for his years of distinguished service, the GCPD are hardly about to let him go without a grand send-off.

The issue opens with Bruce crying for help, but when Sasha rushes in, gun drawn, it turns out he's just having trouble with his tie.

Few things worth noting here. First, without the strong shades from previous issues, you can actually tell that Sasha'a blonde. Second, do you see how freaked out Bruce appears to be about the gun in the second panel? Third, four months, four issues. Even when he wasn't doing self-contained issues, Rucka treated the passage of time in this run the same as the publishing time. This is a theme explored further in #761, "In Thirty Days".

Anyway, they head to the party, and Bruce cavorts while Sasha thinks.

Bruce introduces her to Our Favorite Gordons, then steals Babs away to get more drinks. As Sasha watches, Jim tells her not to worry.

Telling, but pretty subtle there, Jimbo. Sasha's not quite sure what to make of the conversation, and neither is Bruce after she recounts it to him.

Everyone settles down for dinner (dry fish or rubber chicken!) when they're interrupted by a gunman who isn't so big a fan of Jim. In a ballroom full of armed police.
Yeah, it goes about as well for him as you'd expect, surrendering and the barrels of so many guns, but Sasha had already kicked into instinct by then.

As he gets up, Bruce "accidentally" flips over the table, spilling wine all over Sasha's dress. By the time the current speaker, Bullock of course, has finished leading the room in a laugh over it, Sasha realizes that Bruce has disappeared. Following him into the bathroom, she starts shouting at the only occupied stall, telling him that if she's going to be his bodyguard, he'll have to trust her with his life.

The stall opens.

It's really more embarrassing than frightening, really.

And we see what was hiding under the stage all along. Though "Dennis and Neal"? Really? I'm giving you guys two guesses, and the first one doesn't even count.
Also, this is the plan the earlier gunman needed. Hostages and back-up will tilt the scales a little in your favor.

His gun trained on Jim, Harvey tosses Sasha behind the curtain, where Batman is waiting to make his move. What is he waiting for, you ask? For Harvey to decide how permanent a farewell to make, in characteristic fashion.

And we get one of the best Two-Face moments in all of comics. i promise i'm not crying! :(

Not yet, at least.

We pick up with the next issue, featuring some ugly, ugly art by Coy Turnbull. Moreover, it's a crossover with Jeph Loeb's "President Lex" storyline, but we're just gonna ignore all the main plot elements here. Suffice it to say, Bruce and Sasha are in DC for "business" and Sasha decided to catch up with some old friends.

gods, this art

So, Bruce and Lois are trying to steal Lex's kryptonite ring, but Clark is being all "you guys can't be breaking into the White House!" and they're chasing each other all through the building. The secret service join in, with Sasha tagging along.

So, returning to the hotel, her suspicions coming to a head, Sasha starts digging.

Next time: They talk!

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Actually, the control freak characterization of Batman--where he manipulates even his compatriots--is not something that has been around since the end of the 80s. Sure, after COIE, Batman became more hard-nosed, but aside from the retelling of how Dick left Batman's side (which few people reference directly, and even then, ignore the big focus of that issue, that maybe Batman condoned a prisoner's murder), he was never as controlling as when Rucka and Brubaker got ahold of him. Occasionally under Denny O'Neil's editorship, but still, never to this extent, where he's almost impossible to work with.

He's, be was more of a jerk. But he reached epic levels at this time.


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