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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol. 3 #13

I only have about three issues from this run. I only have these issues due to digging the art and given they where somewhat Shredder related. But I felt so damn lost and with what happened to Don (he became a cyborg and then gets pretty banged up in these next few issues). Anyway being a Don fan I just couldn't take seeing my fav turtle get his butt handed to him. That and there wasn't much ninja stuff going on. Splinter got turned into a bat, Don was a Cyborg, Raph became the Shredder, Leo had a frigging sword hand, and Mikey well was the lucky one.

So anyway here's how Raph became the Shredder. He gets mixed up with the Foot Clan and mobsters over a botched kidnap attempt the former did to the later (involving a don's kid). The kid accidently dies and the Don decides to wipe the Foot out. Raph gets caught in the middle. It isn't middle for long as the mobsters are easily wiping the Foot up due to having auto matic weapons. So it leaves just Raph and the mobsters:

I really think this was probably the best thing about the Image series actually. It appears Peter Laird or someone behind the 2k3 TMNT toon liked this idea as well and had a little homage to it during a nightmare Raph had in a S2 or S3 episode. The other thing this series that was adapted was Karai as the Shredder. Those scans I do not have alas. Though Wiki says she was never revealed as such only hinted as so though confirmed by the creators of this book.