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With a two more for the 'Many Looks of Black Alice' and, as noted on Twitter...

First up, Black Alice stops Catman and Deadshot from ditching her.

Meh. Not too creative, just like your typical female version of the character with a lower/more angular dip in the front of the outfit.
Anyhow, she obviously succeeds so they head to a strip club, another attempt to ditch her.

Obviously, again, that fails.

With Scandal & co. there, they try to address the issue of 'Black Alice is definitely not joining them'(reason for her wanting to in the issue, go read!)

And they continue on the path of failing to get rid of her.

Not the biggest fan of Black Alice but it was an alright issue, only wish Scott had been on the art for it. :\

Date: 2009-12-11 03:27 pm (UTC)
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Yes, Bane is saying the same thing that I am. But I'm trying be like Sun Tsu when he says to be like the water and flow around the rock, and Bane is not unlike King Canute when he yells at the seashore. :)


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