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Here is part two of the Radioactiveman event.

The book starts out with Bart daydreaming of the ultimate fan boy dream, kick-ass with his favorite, hanging out at the Superior Squad Headquarters. Everything is great until RM's squeeze, Gloria Grand,  shows up and Bart's hero pops the question to, which disgusts Bart. He says, and I quote, "When things change for the sake of changing.... those changes tend to suck!"  I'll let you guess what comic that's making fun of.

During recess, Bart Milhouse, and Martin talk about the big "change" of Radioactiveman, Martin suggests that the change could be good with this.

Th rest of issue involved the press about Krusty, as he promotes the comic with the aspect of "Nothing." Homer has flashback the 60's Radioactiveman (been there, done that, won't post it.). Speaking of the Evil Editor who makes comics into jokes (take a guess who that is in real life). Here are some scans from his board meeting

The boys talk about the huge fan-base in town and how all them love Radioactiveman. The desk lady still won't grant access until her phones rings and the boy sneak in. The venture through a maze  of cubicles and catch a preview of an Itchy and Scratchy comic. They then walk into the writer's room...

I think this issue came out when the new Avengers rooster came out, the one with Herc, USAgent, and so on.

Krusty sees the error of his ways, agree to the boys' terms, and even gives them free RM memorabilia. So everything is resolved.... OR IS IT?!?!

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