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IGN has a new interview with Krul up, on the recent events concerning Roy Harper and our dear old Ollie! Let's take a looksie. Spoilers for recent CFJ events!

Take a minute to process that amazing piece of Mauro Cascioli art. Ok. Done? Let’s go.

If you’ve been following JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, then you know some major events have been shaking up Green Arrow and his supporting cast’s status. Specifically, Red Arrow finding himself one arm short of a pair.

What happens when a hero has a fateful decision to make? And how can another hero rebuild his world after a life-altering tragedy?

Both ideas are explored in two special books hitting in March, both written by J.T. Krul: JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE AND FALL #1, which bridges the gap between JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE OF ARSENAL four-issue mini-series. Concurrently, readers of the ongoing GREEN ARROW series will deal with the fallout in a storyline titled “The Fall of Green Arrow,” starting with issue #31.

What happened? Who’s to blame? What does this mean for the Emerald Archer and his former sidekick? We don’t know, but we can shine the spotlight on Mr. Krul for a sec to share a few thoughts. Take it away, J.T.:

“I was super fortunate to be able to play a role in BLACKEST NIGHT, and I have to say I’m even more excited — if that’s possible — about being able to take on Roy Harper and Green Arrow as their stories spill out of Cry For Justice. James has been building to a monster climax in his book, and no two characters will be as changed as much as Roy and Ollie. And, the story isn’t even over yet. The title RISE and FALL says it all in terms of where these characters are headed. It’s going to be a dark and tragic road for both them and I’m hoping readers will be hooked by where Ollie and Roy come out in the end.”

And, because we’re all about giving you guys a tad more than usual this week, check out IGN’s interview with Krul.

IGN Comics: Can you give fans the rundown of your upcoming projects?

Krul: Sure. Essentially there are big changes coming up spilling out of Cry for Justice. In that series, no two characters are impacted more than Ollie, Green Arrow, and Roy, Red Arrow. We've already seen what happens to Roy in issue #5 with him getting his arm chopped off, so you can already see where changes are in store for him. But once the Cry for Justice series is done, it's the beginning of a long road for Green Arrow as well.

So what we're doing in March is a one-shot called Justice League: The Rise and Fall. It's going to be an over-sized one-shot special that kind of bridges the gap between Cry for Justice, Justice League of Americaand The Rise of Arsenal four-issue miniseries as well as The Fall of Green Arrow storyline that will start running in his title starting with issue #31.

IGN Comics: And you're writing both The Rise of Arsenal and The Fall of Green Arrow in addition to the Rise and Fall one-shot?

Krul: Yes. I'm writing all of it - the Arsenal miniseries as well as the Green Arrow arc.

IGN Comics: Regarding Green Arrow, are you just handling this arc, or are you taking over the book long term?

Krul: Green Arrow is a great character and I'd love to stick with him. We'll see. It's funny - the real exciting thing about working right now in DC coming out of the Blackest Night stuff is that all of these stories have really big changes in store for the characters. It's not just "more adventures of Green Arrow," or "more adventures of Red Arrow." It's heavy, heavy stuff to deal with.

IGN Comics: The one-shot is called Justice League: The Rise and Fall. There's a lot going on with the Justice League property between Cry for Justice and James Robinson's run on the regular JLA ongoing. Where and how exactly will your one-shot fit in regards to Robinson's two JLA projects? Is there interplay between the three at all?

Krul: It will play directly into everything because James is involved in all of this as well. As we're working on it, we may have other writers do certain portions of it so it's more of a collective issue, if you will. But absolutely it will play into everything, because as you've seen in Cry for Justice, the whole story has been about this ethical rift between members of the Justice League on the tactics they take. "Are we a proactive team or a reactive team?" We're taking those elements, and then the rest of the series amps it up and does kind of create this ripple effect that will be felt throughout the one-shot and into the Green Arrow and Arsenal stories.

IGN Comics: Will the relationship between Ollie and Roy embody that ethical rift between the Justice League members at all?

Krul: What happens with them is definitely a huge part of it. But it is a larger picture, so what happens with Roy definitely impacts the other team members. It's a little bit like what happened with Identity Crisis, where you have the people that were on board for the mind wipe of Dr. Light and the ones that weren't on board.

IGN Comics: The last half-year or so has seen you dive headlong into the DCU with various projects. How did you get involved with these latest projects?

Krul: I was already working with Eddie Berganza, Adam Schlagman and Brian Cunningham on Blackest Night: Titans, and I had done the Red Arrow spotlight issue for Brian on Titans. That's how the Arsenal thing came about - they knew I was a huge Roy fan and have been a fan of his forever. I jumped at the Titans spotlight issue, then when I got wind of what they had in store for Roy and they talked to me about that, I didn't have to think about it at all.

As far as the Green Arrow story goes, that just kind of happened organically. They knew I was doing the Arsenal thing and then decided I'd do a Black Lantern Green Arrow story in February. Doing the Green Arrow arc seemed a natural transition from that.



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