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Speedsters are fun. Christmas is getting closer, so here's scans from three stories of speedsters spending Christmas.

The following scans are from Justice League Unlimited #28.

It's close to Christmas. Flash, Batman, Elongated Man and other JLU members are fighting bad guys. Flash is reckless and one crook escapes because of his mistake, so Batman berates him.

Batman sends Flash to find and capture the bad guy. Flash can't find him and he mutters to himself about the fact that stores got closed a while ago, and he can't go buy a Playtendo 720 anymore.

Phantom Stranger appears and says he's here to help Flash. Flash grumbles to Stranger that Batman is "heartless" around holidays. He also says that even though he's aware that Batman's parents are dead, he thinks Bats should lighten up a bit and try to enjoy his life.

Phantom Stranger takes Flash to the past to observe how Batman has used to spend his Christmas. First he takes Flash to a Christmas that Bruce spent at the Kents'. Bruce, Clark and the Kents can't see/hear Flash or Phantom Stranger, so Flash makes fun of Bats (as showed in the preview picture of this post).
Bats is being gloomy as usual. He and Clark discuss briefly how they both liked the Gray Ghost TV series as kids. Then Bats leaves, and Phantom Stranger takes Flash to another Christmas way before that.

Stranger and Flash return to the present, back to where they were when Stranger took Flash on this journey.

Phantom Stranger leaves. Flash is left depressed and confused about what was the point of this time-travelling. But eventually he figures it out.

I like how this comic portrays Bruce as a kid who didn't get to be a kid. His parents' murders ended his childhood and gave him that anti-crime crusade, dedication and determination. But he became a broken individual, obsessed with his goals, unable to live fully and enjoy his life.

Also, the moment when kid!Bruce gets cheerful for a moment in those scans, but then remembers his parents? It reminded me of times when I've had to deal with the deaths of some loved ones. It feels painful when it's fresh on your mind, but you realize you've got to deal with it. Time heals the wounds, you need to eventually put it in the past and move on; your loved ones would want you to live a happy life after they're gone. But moving on can feel like you're being disrespectful to their memory, and this can bring you feelings of guilt.
In the case of this comic we are talking about Batman, a guy who was never able to get over it and move on. It feels appropriate that little Bruce would act like he did in this comic.

I really like Batman buying Wally the game console he wanted. Batman's always so grim and depressing, and that's why his compassionate, warm moments have a lot of impact and they tend to be touching (such as scenes where he interacts with children, or when he funds charity efforts as Bruce Wayne).

The next story's from DCU Holiday Bash III. Impulse is eagerly awaiting Christmas so he could get Blastomatic 3000 as present.

So, Bart goes fill in for Santa:

It's a cute little story :) I especially love how Bart finds it totally rational that Santa's gotta exist, and you know what? His arguments actually convinced me. Even if Santa were unrealistic in real life, he does really fit in a superhero world. His abilities don't seem that far-fetched or improbable when you compare them to other characters that live in the DC universe.
So yeah, Bart convinced me, and I don't see any reason why Santa couldn't exist in a superhero universe.

One more speedster; "the fastest thing alive". These scans are from Sonic X #15.
In Sonic X universe, Sonic, Tails, Robotnik and some others got accidentally teleported to this normal Earth that didn't have fast blue hedgehogs before that incident. So, Sonic & co. are newcomers in this Earth, and occasionally they're depicted as being oblivious about human customs/culture/society. Such as here, about Christmas.

This story has another "use your super speed for a quick run to the North Pole in order to look for Santa" scene:

The rest of the issue features Robotnik's latest scheme; he decides to impersonate Santa Claus. But yeah, enough pages for now.

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Many are, yes.

And I have said before that Bruce has a special way of connecting with people as broken as he is. Alas, some of those he 'connects' with are the ones like the Joker...


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