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Bloom County: Happy Trails

Title: Bloom County: Happy Trails
Creator: Berkeley Breathed
Availability: Out of Print, but IDW's working on it.

Berkeley Breathed and a wee bit of commentary on the comic-book industry.

This would have been just after the Bloom County cast had learned that the strip was ending, and were all looking for new employment.

Text on the comic artist's shirt reads "Robin Lives".
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[personal profile] shanejayell 2009-12-16 04:26 am (UTC)(link)

LOved this series. Outland too.
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How oddly appropriate for these economic times.

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Given today's news, I thought maybe you'd put up the ones with Fundamentally Oral Bill offering to raise money to get the other televangelists "called home by God".

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Should I post the final arc of Opus, then?
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I loved these and the ridiculous superwomen unironically, but the terrible appropriateness of Steve Dallas making Cathy scream was best.

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Someone gave me this volume of Bloom County as a gift. I found it tremendously funny.
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LOL, Steve was a sleaze

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Loved this strip though. Whenever my relatives came back from the US, they'd carry back various newspapers and we'd read the strips. This and Calvin and Hobbs. Heh.