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Crisis on Earth Prime part 3

Back in a saddle !

So I'm one of those [ profile] scans_daily orphans. My name is Junteanah. I scan stuff from my two older brothers collection.


God I wonder what Christmas is like with these folks ?

I pity those still on dial up.

I left the cover at full size in case people wanted it as wall paper ect.

I love how these crossovers alwasy happen . The heroes seem to think this will a casual party type think, maybe hook up with your earth 2 counterparts ( hey what happens between earths, stays between earths...)Nothing big or important will happen......



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Nice to see you in the new digs...

I had this book when it was new. I remember wondering about the feeding and bathroom facilities in a 15-foot diameter green bubble with no walls... The Justice League's version of Guantanamo...

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Hey there! Thanks for coming back to us.

I just wanted to direct your attention to the new rules (, and make sure your post is compliant. Since this is an old comic, I'm not sure of the page count, and thus I don't know whether ten pages is one third or less than the total content. If it's more than that, you have six hours or less from the timestamp of this comment to edit. Much appreciated.

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it's nice to see helena wayne again.

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yeah i think i recall that post. too bad scans daily's gone. i had all my favorites memorized there. thanks for posting.

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Did JLA Detroit even cross over with the JSA? I have trouble picturing it.

Hey, I just noticed something. Aquaman seems to have been drawn into the background of these pages as a complete afterthought. Weird.

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First order of a madman that wants to change the universe is to get rid of those pesky JL leaguers lol.

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Hosts of Hotath? The Dr. Strange shtick really isn't working for you, Zee.

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Sometimes Gerry Conway lost track of what books he was writing, I guess.

I should be nice. I'm actually kind of looking forward to his imminent return to comics. And no, not in a Bob Haney way. I like Conway.

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You know, Don Heck isn't quite as terrible here as I remembered him.

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Oh no, far from it. It's just that it with the covers Perez was doing during this period, it was often a bit of a letdown to find someone else's art behind them.

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Those JLA covers--his covers in general for most of the 80s--really could sell a book all by themselves, especially face covers like this one--given he's very good at drawing head poses like this. But these covers are very sharp particularly on JLA--they have a sense of excitement, drama and menace, and usually have more spotted blacks than the somewhat brighter TITANS covers.

Was this his own inking? which I realize would have been asking too much for him to do more often.
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Oh, fun. I just saw the Injustice Syndicate on Friday's Batman: The Brave and the Bold, it's great to see some of the source material.