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Hi everyone

This is my first post to the community - other than the occasional comment on v1.0 and v2.0. I am curious to know whether you might have any good ideas as to what I ought to do with a couple of long boxes worth of old comics.

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Some of my comics date back to the early 80s, but most are more recent ones - with a DC bias. Most of them I also now have in TPB format.

To be honest, some of them probably have some value (eg some variants and sought after runs) - and some I will keep for sentimental reasons (incl. the lack of TPB availability - eg Linda Danvers Supergirl) - but I am currently cash rich time-poor (and storage-poor!) and just want rid of them.

Now, the kicker is that I am based in Scotland, so comics are even less popular here than in North America. I was thinking of just freecycling them on a box-by-box basis, but if I can think of anything more sensible to do with them - that I can do relatively quickly and painlessly - that would be great.

Bonus - a couple of Planetary scans. I have an ambivalent feeling towards the end of this story. It seems to me to imply that Bruce & Diana will be just as maniacal in this reality as the Planetary team were.

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I am really really hoping I have not screwed anything up in this post. I checked and rechecked the code and the rules. Please be gentle with me if I have made a boo-boo.

PS - in case tags are still switched off: char: elijah snow, char: wonder woman/diana of themyscira, char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: jerry ordway, creator: warren ellis

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Well Generations was an Elseworlds (not to mention one of my first and favorite comics) but I'm referring specifically to the DCAU and the mainstream. While Bat/WW totally works in the DCAU, I really can't see him becoming an immortal.


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