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One last post for the holidays with some of the Batfamily.

Dick and Babs have always struck me as more a "cute" couple than throwing off any real heat. I think they work better as friends or Batsiblings rather than a OTP. Such as in this story which takes place on New Year Eve. Babs, of course, is home alone. Dick emails her and wants to come by with Chinese food. Babs tells him not to but Dick shows up anyway.

I really hate the art here. Brian Stelfreeze draws Dick as if Zsasz was keeping tally on his face and Barbara looks like Jeri Blank from "Strangers with Candy." They banter cutely about mishearing things (dialog assist by Devin Grayson says the credits). Dick mentions he thought Mistletoe was a bad guy.

Ouch. Barbara implies that her condition is because she made a mistake. Dick apologizes and tells her she didn't make a mistake she just opened the door and that he, even Batman would have done the same thing. I am thankful that the writers had faith we knew what they were talking about and didn't include the standard flashback panel of Barbara getting shot and the coffee cup flying out of her hand. (Someday I am going to count how many times they've shown that panel).
She changes the subject and takes out his gift.

Is that not the saddest face ever? Oh Babs, you need a hug honey. She decides to call it night. And Dick leaves and Babs gets back to work. Which leads to the last shot.

See he did listen to her! But Babs, don't be alone on New Years! Call Dinah and invite her over!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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