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"Goddesses and Monsters"

Four pages from the recent Willow one-shot...

Willow goes on a "floatabout," a mystic journey that most witches undertake early in their learning but that she skipped. She wants to understand more about the nature of her abilities, she tells Kennedy.

Early in her float, she meets a snake-lady who purports to be her guide. But Willow eventually realizes she's lying and leading her on, mainly because everything's she's showing her is such a cliche.

That's when they make their presence known.

She sees Tara.

She decides to make the snake-lady Aluwyn her guide. Her very nature will ensure she lies every time she talks to Willow, but that's better than a guide where you're never sure whether they're lying or being truthful.

creator: joss whedon, creator: karl moline, publisher: dark horse

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