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So yeah, know how IDW's been publishing Doctor Who stuff?

Well, in addition to the miniseries (plural), they also did a varied set of one shots- a Leah Moore co-written tale of emotionless folk and Empathivores, a John Ostrander-penned " the Doctor makes a robot revolution happen " story (with a lovely ending), one involving H.G Wells and Torchwood, and so forth.

And then there's Room With A Deja View, written by Rich Johnston.

On a space station in the cosmic void known as the Dead Zone, an alien murders another and sends a signal.

The Tenth Doctor, while meditating alone in a corner of the TARDIS, picks up the signal and heads over to said station.

Detained by station personnel in short order, the Doctor's soon mysteriously declared "infection free."

(the station, it turns out, is a dumping ground for those infected with a plague carried even by audio; the Doctor's not infected because his TARDIS is awesome like that.)

Asked to help clear up the murder that started this, the Doctor discovers that the dead one's task was to prevent signal broadcast (because, you know, plague.)

He's taken to the murderer, the alien Tx Counter, whose species lives life in reverse.

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Turns out Tx's way of existence is confusing to the station's linear living personnel, so nothing he says makes a damn bit of sense.

However, the Doctor's worked up a plan to solve this in just forty minutes.

He starts with " This interview is over, Tx. "

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(Mozz and Looz being the two green tentacled aliens who're judicial authority on the station.)

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Works forwards and backwards, doesn't it?

And it makes sense.

Someone destroys this station in the future (perhaps to burn out the commplague), but Tx (who, by his nature, equates birth with death) sends the signal so that it'll propagate and prevent that.

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I thought this sequence'd need only two 10s at most- one from the end and one from the start. Where would the other two come in? Ah well.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(wait for that to pay off.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(that last statement's a little confusing, but it works.)

So yeah, it turns out that while Tx did mean to do good, he still killed a dude. So he's "born" at the green dude's hands (=executed), and the Doctor leaves:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

... yeah, that was bloodsplatter.

bonus: Alfred will not take Deathstroke's shit. At all.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(and yes, the DW story is 7/21 pages... IDW did like, six of these one shots. Collected them, and everything.)

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