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going undercover

Thanks to Comics Alliance, I found the blog Covered. It does with comics covers what musicians do with other people's song songs - redo them with their own interpretation.

Some of these new covers are very good. Some of them bring in completely new style, some are just different techniques, some rework the cover completely, using a different image to tell the same story. Some look like the artist thought to themselves "What would this cover look like if it was drawn on a train?" and some are just very straightforward re-hashes with little imagination.

With all of these, the original cover is on the left.

Fantastic Four 4
Original cover by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson; DC 1966, cover by Bill Galvan (who you will of course recognise from one of the Age of the Sentry stories)

Justice League of America 45
Original cover by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson; DC 1966. Cover by Mark Grambau

Avengers 217
Original cover by Bob Hall and Dan Green; Marvel 1982. Cover by Matt Layzell

This is clearly, The Best cover

Captain America 137
Original cover by Sal Buscema; Marvel 1971. Cover by Mark Grambau

Much less dynamic than the original
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It means not good. The vast majority of covers there are unimaginative redos

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Well, yeah, I figured, but that's still a slang term I hadn't heard before.