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Ah, Greek cuisine.

I originally saved this picture for the ::cough:: assets, but it's getting posted here for Herc's apparent love for calamari. One unlettered page from Mighty Avengers #24.

Dude, I think you're gonna need a bigger plate.

tags: char: ant-man/wasp/hank pym, char: hercules/marvel, char: stature/cassie lang, char: usagent/john walker, char:vision/jonas, creator: dan slott, creator: khoi pham, in-joke: context is for the weak, publisher: marvel comics, title: mighty avengers

ETA: Crap, I had a wrong tag. Mods or whoever's controlling tags now, can you change the Khoi Pham tag to Rafa Sandoval?
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Cassie: Damnit! I told you I didn't want to go to Japan! I even gave you a damn list of reasons why I didn't want to go!
Hank: A list? I don't remember a list.
Cassie: It was short too! Had only two things on it!
Hank: Uhuh. What were they?
Cassie: Tentacle Hentai and Lolicon!
Hank: ...Did you make up those words?

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You have found an internet. It is a symbiloic representation that you have done something awesome on the computer.
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Also 14 is the age of consent in Japan.
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I thought it was 13. I also thought they raised it recently.

Japan is a weird place.
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Last I checked (this came up before) it was 13, but that's just the minimum it can be. The prefectures/territories/can't remember the exact term-ites are supposed to set it themselves, that's just the national minimum they can go and I don't think any of them has put it quite that low.
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Wasn't she like 8 a year ago? o_O
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My appologies, I generally only follow her character in relation to the Young Avengers (where she usually gets more than two lines).

And now I know!
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Nah, I forgot, her first YA appearnce was "I'm june..."

So, she's probably 15 now.

But...Rule of Funny!
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This caused me to cough up spaghetti. I am not pleased.

*faux glare*
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Who is the artist?
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Thanks, I asked because I didn't see it in the post. I probably missed it.