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From Beyond, or: Quasar Goes To Earth-Lovecraft

There's been some interesting stuff coming out of the Fault Black Bolt's Terrigen bomb made happen, like Starstalker and criminal gangs of Mindless Ones (led by the Minded One.)

There's been some interesting people coming around that fracture in spacetime, like the Sphinx being portentous and abducting people to a construct world.

So, then, what interesting stuff and people lie INSIDE the Fault?

Quasar's willing to give the Guardians and Nova Corps the answer, as he's now made out of quantum energy and so can be monitored via quantum linkings.

Diving into the Fault, he sees and hears space and time knitting and tearing himself.

Then one world reaches out, and swallows him.

And drops him right on top of this thing:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(if it looks odd to you, a right click/View Image'll make it better.)

The Avengers of this Earth show up soon enough, and Thor lands the finishing blow rather oddly. The monster falls, assuming its true form:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

.. that was a Hulk? Really?

It makes the " gamma rads " (how do those taste?) line make sense, but.. ah well, we'll see.

For the twisted red-eyes of this Earth have accepted a certain class of beings into their lives, as they tell a captive Quasar:

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Quasar's response being of the " Are you kidding me " variety, the twisted Avengers get ready to employ more forceful methods... at which point their Scarlet Witch reveals that since Quasar's a quantum being, she can just track his trail back to his origin point.

Left alone to do the job, the Witch engages in exposition with Quasar, explaining what exactly they're going to do (swap Earths so that the horrible monstrosity gods can manifest in another reality) and that not everyone seems to be enjoying their dread masters' blessings...

and then the Vision comes out of her.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Quasar escapes, hailing his friends (Guardians/Nova Corps/Project PEGASUS) via quantum link while fending off Thor and Iron Man.

and then he makes it to the edge of the universe:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(once again, right click/view)

an entire universe as a foe? interesting.

we skip some minutes ahead, with Quasar's words garbling up. He retreats back to Project PEGASUS, seemingly safe and sound:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

... oh boy.

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what book is this from?
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Realm of Kings one-shot from back in November.