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Three scans from Invincible Iron Man #22.

Now that we know that Matt Fraction is taking over Thor in the summer, seeing him write some of the Thor supporting characters here in IIM is interesting.  The whole crew is camped out in Mrs. Sooner's place (I'd love to know what she thinks of Donald Blake now, given the sorts of people he's tracked into the place), and Ghost makes his way through the hotel to try and kill Stark:

Maria bursts in and drives Ghost off (not his best showing), and since all the superheroes have headed off to do other stuff for the moment, they're in a bit of a pickle.  They try to take Tony's body into the basement:

He's a fan of the show too, apparently.

Ghost doesn't show up again, but Steve does, now accompanied by Dr. Strange, here to work the hoodoo on the still comatose Tony.  Tony's still hiding out in his own mind, uncertain of what's going on:



char: iron man/tony stark, char: pepper potts, char: maria hill, char: dr. strange/stephen strange, creator: matt fraction, creator: salvador larroca, title: invincible iron man, publisher: marvel comics


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