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This week's Secret Six continues the match-up of the living and Black Lantern Sixers vs. the living and Lantern Suicide Squad.

Ostrander and Simone have done a good job here in splitting up duties. The writing is seamless although you can kind of guess who wrote what. Here are a couple of pages with some dark humor that feels like Gail's writing.

Most of the Six is at Belle Reve except for Scandal who has been left to face down Amanda Waller and her minions.

Logically it should have grabbed Waller, but who wants to lose the Wall?
Back at Belle Reve the rest of the Six square off against the Squad. Black Alice and Bane fight off Count Vertigo and Nightshade. Catman and Bronze Tiger have a huge, bloody fight. And Jeanette and Ragdoll deal with Virtuosa.

That's the end of the funny though as Belle Reve comes under attack by Black Lanterns.

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creator: gail simone
creator: john ostrander
title: secret six

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From: [personal profile] halialkers was my lazy eye more than anything else.

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No, I can see where you were coming from with it... :)


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