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By request... X-men/Teen Titans team-up !

Kory you slut...


Group:The X-men, group: The Teen Titans,Char:Darkseid,Char:Dark Phoenix,creator:Walt Simonson,publisher:Dc comics/Marvel comics

Metron just never learns does he ???

THIS...will not end well.

...and of course you can't have a team-u[ with the kids without a little awkward hook up or two.

Really nice art by Walt Simonson and inks by Terry Austin.
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0.0....::runs off to learn every foreign language she can::

I'm amazed they didn't immediately start trying to kill each other as with every other super hero team up.
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Lovely, lovely art throughout this, and a lot of cute moments. A shame you had to cut the scene where the "true" ghost of Jean possesses Scott for a moment and he fires the Phoenix as an optic blast.

I also have this lovely little imaginary image in my head of a story set post this story where Titans Tower has a visitor

Cyborg answers the door and buzzes up to Starfire; "Kory? Kid here says his name is Doug Ramsey, friend of Kitty Pryde's, something about language lessons... never SEEN a kid so damned KEEN!"
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Oh, Kurt... <3
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Just as with right before she kissed Robin, Starfire gets a predatory look on her face before she does the 'lip contact'.

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Why oh why isn't this crossover canon?
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Simonson draws a very pretty Raven. Probably my second-favorite after Perez, not that there are that many good takes on her to choose from.

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Do you guys think that if I say "A new language I can learn!" right before randomly kissing someone, people won't mind? ;)

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Robin and Cyclops are my favorite heroes from each universe. You can imagine how much I freaked out the first time I saw them standing side by side on that cover.

The only other time I freaked out that much was when Capcom and Marvel crossed over to make X-Men vs. Street Fighter.
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Then Starfire wants to read War & Peace, in the original Russian...and then the entire history of Themiscyra, in the original text. Hilarity ensues.
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Finest-kind crack!
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This here?

An example of a totally fun comic that also happens to be of high quality. (a SUMMER comic as I recall, too)

A crossover that works.

An amazing oddity, in short.
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That third scan...Wolverine fast. I am trying to find out how exactly he's posed but all I can think is "damn, that's a huge ass"
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"We weren't making out! Honest!"

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Odd, every crossover I've seen here has DC and Marvel heros inhabiting seperate universes, but the two I've read (The first Spider-Man/Superman and a Spider-Man/Batman that I think took place after this did) has them existing in the same universe. Peter and Lois even knew of each other's reputations when they met.
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It never made sense to me that Dark Phoenix would go "Enh, okay sure" and be all lovey with Darkseid.
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I don't know about Deutsch, Kurt, but she clearly is fluent in French.
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So, does Cyclops bring down the fire on Darkseid in this? i.e. does he get Darkseid "off his lawn?"

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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Man, I wish art like this.
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Storm and Starfire, bonding over huge hair.
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Robin's so understanding here when she wants to make out with Colossus but when she reluctantly has to marry Karras he's all dicky.
And Starfire has even more Ho-ish tendencies sitting inbetween Wolverine and Colossus. Robin, what are you not doing??

I have this issue and it is truly amazing. I got it signed by Stan the Man himself and he started reading it at the table but had to give it back when the promoters told me to keep it moving.
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