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"...for anything in the world!"

 This is a panel from Amazing Spider-Man #365, from a backup story written by Stan Lee and Tom DeFalco and illustrated by John Romita Sr. I'll post some of the context later, but for now, I thought I'd post this one solitary panel which is particularly tragic in light of current affairs.

No, you wouldn't... but Peter would. : ( 
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And kept her away from Ben that much longer.

Did Peter even consider that part? No, because he's being a selfish shit.
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That's...sort of messed up man. That's like saying a guy who keeps his mother on life support is selfish because she can't die and see her husband.
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THAT depends highly on your opinion regarding euthanasia.

If somebody is in a persistent vegetative state, or in a great deal of incurable pain? Both my parents have already told me that they'd literally rather be dead than go through "life" like that, because they don't consider it living at that point.

Similarly, long before OMD/BND, Paul Jenkins (before his talent went to hell) wrote a rather moving Spider-Man story in which May - surprisingly for a mainstream superhero comics character - took a rather overt stance in favor of assisted suicide.

This was not just May saying something to reassure her nephew about what she saw as the inevitable. This was the culmination of her previously established wishes on this score. Like my folks, she made it very clear that there were certain circumstances under which she wanted the plug pulled.
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It's not like saying that, because I'm not saying that. I'm saying that he is giving no benefit to May by doing this.
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PS: In the MU we know--and Peter knows--for certain there's an afterlife. And May was definitely going to die.

So it's not the same as what you said, at all, and I must admit I'm a little taken aback by the analogy, having lost a mother to debilitating illness a few years ago. That's a little sharp to throw out there like that.
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If his mother has a living will specifically saying she doesn't want to be kept on life support, yes keeping her alive is an asshole move.