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By request from [personal profile] thebigapricot, the time when Oracle was inducted into the JLA

The newly re-united JLA has just thwarted several major-scale villains from taking over the Earth and basically destroying all civilization (the Know Man, the Hyperclan and the renegade angelic Bull Host), but there are still more ominous events on the horizon that the "Big Seven" feel need a larger, more diverse group to handle.

Sooo, yeah. Less recruiting and more telling her to be an electronic mole within the League's new digs. This is Oracle just off her tenure with the Suicide Squad, setting up her own organization as the head of Birds of Prey and still adjusting to taking orders from her old "boss," Batman. Not at all the polished mastermind we'd see in latter years. But we'll get there.

Also, take note of the "tech lingo" and art choices made here. This was published in 1998. It'll get harder to stomach certain things as we go along.

John and Martha are pleasant as always, while Bruce is in full "BatGod, Supreme Dick" mode. Oracle and Plas are voted in sheerly on Batman's word. Neither Aquaman nor Supes question these. Also, nice to see the King of the Seas getting a strong nod as a founder and thus let in on lots of the League-building decisions.

I like reading all these little asides about the current status of characters in the DCU.

The unwelcome visitor is Guy "Yes, I Still Go By Warrior" Gardner showing up on the moon and naming himself new chairman of the League.

The tension between Oracle and Bruce is very evident in this series and Batman, etc. Why Barbara's not snapping back so much is probably because she still has some respect for Bruce, despite him cramping her style.

Incidentally, the layout of her clock tower computers will change constantly with each artist, but the seemingly LCD/projection world map is a constant. And yet she's surrounded by CRT monitors? Have to assume the artists were going with what they all had at their houses.

Yes, relative newbie Huntress was given a spot on the "best-of-the-best" team. Why? Largely Bruce trying to mentor her into being a "better" hero, i.e. not becoming a killer anti-hero. It's not a wholly bad idea; if you work around folks like Superman and Wonder Woman, you're going to alter your attitude a bit.

Batman wordlessly strides in and stares down Gardner who leaves in a huff.

Is Barbara still pining for her "hero" days? It's not something that'll come up again for awhile, but this is right in the period when she's trying to fully realize her Oracle identity and become an operator in her own right. Something she won't get with the JLA right out of the gate.

So right now Barbara just acts as a Data Dog, fetching info for Bruce and giving him eyes-on when he requests. That'll change with the new League's public premiere and their first case of infiltration (a recurring theme with the Watchtower) in Part 2.

7 pages from JLA Secret Files Vol. 2: "Heroes", a 22-page story.

Date: 2010-01-17 04:10 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jarodrussell
I'd rather write about the hacker that pwned her system, injected a virus, and left the JLA dangerously vulnerable...but it feels to derivative of Mark Waid and Gail Simone's works.

Date: 2010-01-17 03:43 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] jlbarnett
it's the DCU. Their heroes are always the best of the best and their villains always at least temporarily get the better of the heroes at what they're best at. Superman's the strongest guy around. How many villains does he face that are stronger than him?


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