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The Iceman Goeth.

Someone requested the DCAU comic where Batman met Joe Chill. This is one of those issues that's difficult to cut down to 7 pages, because no matter how hard you try, you inevitably lose a couple pages that have a LOT of impact. Still, even the cut version's worth a read.


"You're too cool...You're the iceman...

...You're Joe Chill."


The guy being interviewed in the next couple panels is GCPD Detective Giella, who'd managed to take down Killer Croc...after Croc had just beaten the living shit out of Batman.


Joe turns on the TV, catches the end of the interview while flipping through channels, and discovers that he left a button at the scene of the Wayne murders.

Thoroughly rattled, Joe goes to murder Detective Giella and recover the missing evidence. (Not the smartest move, but he is cracking up.) Batman, despite not having gotten over his injuries (this is only a night or two after the Croc-Bat brawl), is keeping an eye on Detective Giella in case Croc's holding a grudge.

Unsurprisingly, when a guy with a gun sneaks into the detective's apartment, Batman crashes in through the window to stop him. There's a tussle, and Chill's getting the upper hand...

...until he pries Batman's mask off.


7 pages out of 21, from Batman Adventures 17.

Tags (if we're still in lockdown): char:joe chill, char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: ty templeton, creator: rick burchett, title: batman adventures, setting: dcau
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I agree, it would have been more poignant for Harvey Dent to be there. It seems to be more about the Hollywood mindset of having one girl friend for the main hero. For example they used Irene Adler for the Sherlock Holmes movie, when Watson/Mary Morstan would have sufficed for the love interest slot since it's a canon pairing. I can see some Hollywood suits not wanting for people to think Holmes might be gay (-_-')and wanting to give him a love interest and like that they do not want people to think Bruce might be gay ( -_-' ). Batman carrying an unconscious and drugged Harvey, you have to admit, would set off a lot of people's gaydar and the fact that they were childhood friends and all that.

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