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Four scans apiece from Mighty Avengers #33 and Captain America #602.



Starting with the Mighty Avengers, they're still dealing with a cosmic cube-powered Absorbing Man.  He starts throwing punches, including one at Karla:

The ball and chain has taken the form of a cosmic cube, which Osborn and Pym both race after, leaving the rest of their teams to fight Creel. Creel hits Venom, separating him into the symbiote and the old Scorpion.

Well that was unexpected.

The fight continues...

Pym emerges, wielding the cosmic cube-ball-and-chain-thingy.  They fight for a bit, Norman is despondent at how everything is falling apart, then Loki helps him save the day and save face, the point being, I suppose, to increase his dependence on Loki.  Osborn then blames the Mighty team for prolonging the battle with their interference, and strips Walker of his rank and office has USAgent.  Pym and Cho, however, have identified Loki as being behind all this. so that game's afoot.

Over in Cap, Steve and Sharon are apparently taking some time off at her palatial Virginia home, so Nick Fury (in his first appearance in these pages in a while) calls Bucky in with news that Evil 50s Cap has been spotted in Boise, Idaho, training an army of Watchdogs.  Nick also gives Bucky an upgraded prosthetic arm that looks and feels like a real one ("Now that you're public and everything.  Plus, Natasha was whining about your cold hands.").  Not wanting to have Steve confront his malevolent doppelganger, Bucky and Sam fly to Boise to investigate.  They plan to infiltrate the Watchdogs.

Ross' art here is different from how it was in the past, which I put down to Guice inking it and even more that Frank D'Armata isn't doing the colours now.

Later, we cut to Barney's Alehouse, where Sam is posing as a tweedy IRS agent demanding to perform an audit on the owner:

I just love it when a plan comes together.

Unfortunately for them, 50s Cap (whose real name is at last revealed here) recognizes Bucky from their last meeting.



char: captain america/bucky barnes, char: falcon/sam wilson, char: hercules/marvel, char: stature/cassie lang, char: vision/jonas, char: ant-man/wasp/hank pym, char: absorbing man/crusher creel, char: moonstone/ms. marvel/karla sofen, creator: ed brubaker, creator: luke ross, creator: dan slott, creator: khoi pham, title: mighty avengers, title: captain america, publisher: marvel comics

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I so love Herc here.


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