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For our final entry into this Oracle mega-post, we'll be seeing her last few appearances under the JLA title, which has been taken over by Mark Waid at this point.

So, during the "Tower of Babel" arc, Batman's plans to "subdue" his League comrades are stolen to be used by Ra's al Ghul. The superheroes are attacked in various cunning ways, including making Aquaman hydrophobic and making Wonder Woman hallucinate an unbeatable opponent she would fight until she gave herself a heart attack (would that have worked?).

At the same time, the Demon's Head springs a plan to destroy the cornerstone of all civilization: language.

"Jeez, Oracle, I'm not an information analyst like you who can spend most of their day reading and researching things, but maybe there's some way to trace the signals from where they're being broadcast?"

So after the crisis is averted, and the BatGod is fully realized to be a dickish and scheming god, the League votes him out for being a paranoid freak and having bad security for really sensitive materials.

This incident has unforeseen consequences for the rest of the Batfamily around the DCU...

And that about there is the last we see of Oracle as an "official" member of the JLA. She's regularly used as a go-between to other heroes during further storylines, but she rarely, if ever, make appearances.

There were a few spots I was unable to scan for lack of the relevant issues: JLA: Our Worlds at War #1, JLA #116-117 (Crisis of Conscience), Avengers/JLA #2, JLA: Foreign Bodies, JLA: Act of God #1, #3, the superb JLA: Classified #11-15 and even Formerly Known as the Justice League #5 features Oracle moments, but not all of them are related to her time with "the Pantheon League."

If anyone has those relevant pages, please put them up as a Part 7 (or 8,9) to this series.

One final note: those last pages come from December 2000, and her workstation still looks outdated as hell. Some better Oracle moments, probably her directly pwning with her skills or espousing true IT competence would be a welcome inclusion on S_D as a separate series.

[personal profile] glprime out.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

3 pages; 1 from JLA #44, 2 from JLA Secret Files vol. 3
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