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Aquama has crabs, and other Out of Context Scenes

So he likes crabs but dislikes seals and polarbears? Maybe it's the whole air breathing thing he dislikes.

With no Carol Ferris or Supergirl around to sate his desires, Hal lunges at the next best thing,

Aw, more demonic entities should go on these sorts of rampages,

Hal hates other religions,

And finally, the scene no one wanted to see,

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Woah nekkid Joker is surprisingly yummy

Okay ew someone slap some sense into me
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I hereby declare it naked Joker week!

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I think someone likes what he sees in the last panel.

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Yeah. Anyone else think that, by now, the Mayor of Gotham City would've gone out of his way to identify -- and napalm -- all abandoned amusement parks in the tri-state area? I mean, that should be common sense by now.
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He tried they just keep popping out the ground. No has seen anything like it since the Giant Typewriter pandemic of the 1960s.

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Heheheh. :)
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Wow! that last panel is something!
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I wondered where Joker found that leather clad little people.
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What book is the second Green Lantern from?
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It's from the current series, sometime around One Year Later. I think he was trying to retrieve Evil Star from the Russia / China area, and the native supers weren't having it. "Buddha" was one of The Great Ten.

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Uh, is there any... context for that last sequence? Because it's pretty damn freaky.
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First GL comment.

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I suppose there's a Welsh joke in there somewhere, but I can't think of one offhand.
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That Etrigan one is ace!

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the green lantern one is amazing XD
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Upon viewing the panels with Hal and the lamb, I only had one thought:
"Fuckin knew it..."

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"You save the world a couple of times, but do they call you Hal the World-Saver?..."